What Type of Ceremony to Have

Once couples decide that they are going to get married, they have an array of choices to make, and one of them involves where they will actually become a married couple. Some people want to jump right to the party planning, but when they really think about it, they will likely remember that the ceremony is actually the most important part of the day, and hiring a wedding photographer is one of the best aspects of any wedding; capturing every moment that couples will cherish for a lifetime. Therefore, choosing the appropriate location for the ceremony is arguable a big decision that they will make throughout the entire planning process.

23 Ceremony of First Christian of Augusta - Megan and Jordan

Religious wedding ceremonies are still the most popular. Many people choose to marry in a church, temple or other religious house of worship. Couples who practice their faith on a regular basis do not see any other choices. They want to have a religious wedding ceremony, and they are going to have it in their house of worship or one that is close to where their reception is. Some faiths do permit their members to marry outside of the house of worship and to still have a religious wedding. Whether or not people choose to do that will likely depend upon their level of observance and what the other options are.


Some people are unsure of what to do when they do not fully practice the faith. They, for example, may have been raised in a particular denomination of Christianity and still believe in God and practice some of the components, but they might not attend church every Sunday. Yet they should consider where they see themselves in the future. If they plan to raise their children in that faith and if they do envision themselves returning to church later on in life, then a religious ceremony is usually a smart place for them to begin their lives together.

Others may decide that they are going to have a ceremony in a church one day and then a ceremony outdoors the next. People also grow concerned when the two members of the couple are from different faiths. What their options are depends upon the religion. In many cases, couples can have one ceremony, and religious leaders from both of their faiths can participate in the ceremony. Some faiths will not allow for such a ceremony, so couples should look into this issue early on in the wedding-planning process so that they can decide what to do.